You’re Just Trying To Butter Me Up

If there is a hamburger institution in Milwaukee in it is Solly’s in Whitefish Bay. Located on Port Washington Road, it has been part of this town since 1936 and has a fanatical following of butter burger lovers. And when I say butter burgers I mean BUTTER burgers! These are not for the faint of heart or those on calorie restricted diets. These are the old fashioned burgers who get their flavor from custom ground sirloin (delivered daily), fried onions and butter. This is a burgerfor the purists who don’t like a big stack of extras. No fried eggs here buddy, you want eggs go to George Webb’s. We serve HAMBURGERS. No avacado, no blue cheese, no sauce, no jalapenos, or ciabatta bread. To paraphrase the Blues Brothers, “Son, we serve BOTH kinds of toppings, onions and butter”.

And whatever you do, don’t pass up the milkshake like I did the first time I went to Solly’s. When I told my brother in law I was at Solly’s he said to me “aren’t those the greatest shakes you ever had?” and was incredulous when I said I just had the burger, fries and a water. Doh!! I had to go back again and see what I was missing. It was worth the return trip just for the shake. It was thick, rich and very choclatey!

Solly’s has made it to numerous best burgers lists and wereon the front of USA Today several years ago as one of the ten best burgers in the whole country and were included in George Motz’s 2008 book Hamburger America which includes his DVD by the same name which features Glenn Fieber the owner of Solly’s and how butter bugers are made. They have been a favorite here in the Milwaukee area for over 70 years and end upon on many people’s favorites list.

The Cheesehead is a much larger burger than a butter burger and features two large patties each made by pressing two regular patties together. This gives the burger 12 ounces of meat which was a little bit too much, one large patty would do which is available on the Super Burger. The key however is the soft, chewy bakery bun that makes this my bun of choice for a burger at Solly’s. Order a burger each way, with the usual bun and also the  roll. It took me a few visits to discover this but the roll makes it better in my opinion.

These burgers are for the burger lover who loves the combination of meat, onions and butter, Solly’s does NOT skimp on the butter! You can always order them easy butter if you enjoy a good burger but are concerned about all the extra calories but most people like Solly’s because they make butter burgers the old fashioned way,with plenty of pure Wisconsin butter.

Solly’s has a very loyal following of customers who love getting their butter burger fix. Many famous famous people have eaten there over the years and some seats are marked where they sat. Last time I was there I sat in the seat Bob Uecker sat in and a Milwaukee TV anchorman sat next to me as I took some of these photos.

Reviewed By: Tom Graber

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visits Milwaukee and Solly’s for a Midwest America edisode. Here’s a sneak peak where Tony talk’s about Solly’s Butter Burgers:

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  • Re: Solly's by Judy 2011-03-19 01:48:30

    I've been eating Solly's burgers for over 50 years. There is no burger that can compare. Years ago, before going to the airport to take our children on a Disney cruise, we stopped at Solly's for lunch. After returning from a wonderful, fun 10 days at Disney World and the cruise, we asked our kids what their favorite part of the vacation was. They both agreed that it was eating at Solly's. Obviously, we could have saved a big chunk of money. Solly's is also the first stop when relatives come from out of town. Do NOT ask for easy on the butter. Butter is what makes the burger. Yum! I think I need another Solly's fix.

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