Everything Is Just Jake

First before I get to Jake’s fantastic burger I need to update readers about my reviews here. After Jake’s Burger made it to the cover of Milwaukee Magazine’s cover of their burger review in August of 2012. There is a reason I took time off from my burger quest and that’s because sampling over 100 of the area’s burger’s took it’s toll on my.  I gained over 25 pounds in the pursuit of the best burgers in the Milwaukee area.  I spent all of 2012 focused on losing the 25 ponds I gained.  Well, I not only lost the 25 but another 45 pounds on top of that for a total of 65 pounds for the year which feels great. Unfortunately that meant no burgers (or fries, or much of anything unhealthy) for a while and even no alcohol (ok, for a while but I do still have a couple beers or so again on weekends, I’m not crazy). Bottom line is I’m back in a size 34 jeans and want to stay there but I will still sample burgers once more!

A year is a long time to go without a burger but the reward is finding a new burger joint and a new burger to write about.  The burgers are the main attraction at Jake’s and are available without buns and are called “rafts” served open faced and meant to be eaten with a knife and fork. I liked the description for several burgers but I was mainlytry to decide between a Jake’s Burger and the California Raft Burger.  The Jake’s Burger had cheddar cheese, oven roasted tomato, butter lettuce, haystack onions and a special sauce.  The California Raft Burger had butter lettuce, oven roasted tomato, avocado, special sauce & Neuske’s bacon.  When my server asked how I was doing and I told her of my dilemma, she suggested I try one as a $1.50 slider special. What a great idea!  I ordered the Jake’s Burger with the California as a slider.

The burger patties themselves are made in house from a combination of ground sirloin and brisket.  The meat had good flavor and texture.  The shoestrings were nice and crisp and were nice and crispy as they should be.  There are several options for sides which are extra: house cut fries ($1.95 & $3.75), crispy sweet potato fries ($1.95 & $3.95),  creamy cole slaw ($2.95) and haystack onions ($3.95).  I opted for no sides since I had the haystack onions on the burger and I don’t want to go in the other direction and add on any weight to what I lost.

There are other toppings you can add:

Port-Caramelized Onions $1.5

Nueskes Applewood Bacon (2 Slices) $2.5

Fried Egg $1

Haystack Onions $1.5

Beer Cheese Sauce $1.5

Brie Cheese $2

White Truffle Oil $1.5

Wisconsin Blue Cheese $1.5

Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese $1.5

Avocado Half $1.5

In hindsight I would have opted for the Nueske’s bacon as you can’t go wrong there. All of the toppings for their burgers are available to add and customize as you see fit.

There is a bar with both cocktails and a surprisingly good beer selection.

Jakes Burgers is closed Sunday & Monday.

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